We Are All About Innovation. Clearly.

Since 1912, Beclawat Manufacturing Inc. has been renowned for our top-quality and innovative production of complete window and door solutions serving the evolving needs of the marine, rail, mass transit, and defense industries.

Arrow Kvichak Marine Pilot Boat

The original company Beckett-Laycock-Watkinson (known today as Beclawat) began its proud history in England back in 1912. Beclawat built a strong reputation on the design and manufacture of windows for the transportation industry, eventually expanding its presence globally into Australia, South Africa, Sweden, India, Italy, and Canada. Later moving to Montreal, Quebec in 1934, and then on to Belleville, Ontario in 1976, where it remains today.

In 2017, Beclawat celebrated a milestone 105 years in business. Its success is attributed not only to the principles of craftsmanship and quality that have been the foundation of the company since the beginning, but also on its long-standing customer partnerships and talented group of employees.