Austal – Littoral Combat Ship (LCS)

Client: Austal

Scope of Work: ABS type approved window and glazing solutions to meet customer custom design requirements

The Case: Designed for use by the US Navy, Austal's LCS class vessels meet war-fighting capabilities and defeat growing littoral threats within US coastal waters. The flexible design accommodates multiple uses within critical situations such as; mine warfare, anti-submarine warfare, and surface warfare. Vessels of the "Independence" class also include many unique design features, one of which is a flight deck - the largest of any US Navy surface combatant.

Beclawat began working with Austal (previously General Dynamics) on the LCS project in 2007 to begin developing a new design to meet the vessels’ state-of-the-art defense requirements. Beclawat Engineers and Project Management team worked closely with the customer to develop a new window design that would not only meet the customer's design requests, but also ABS regulations. Prototype models were then built, tested, and qualified to the customer's outlined specifications - ultimately being accepted upon completion, with full production commencing shortly after.

To Date, Beclawat still successfully manages production of the contract and spares program requirements.

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