Designed For Life At Sea

High-quality, durable glass, windows, and doors built to suit your unique application. Many of our designs are type approved to ABS and Lloyd’s Registry standards. You’ll find Beclawat products making waves around the globe in ocean, coastal, and inland waters.

Why Choose Beclawat?

  1. As an industry leader in quality and design, Beclawat’s high-performance products undergo rigorous quality testing ensuring a durable product our customers can trust.
  2. Our commitment to total customer satisfaction means you’ll have a team member dedicated to working with you from concept through to completion and delivery.
  3. We deliver. We do what we say, and we say what we do – it’s that simple.

Arrow Vigor Industrial - San Francisco Fire Dept. #3 Fireboat

Browse Marine Products

  • Aluminum Marine Door

    90045 Series
    • Marine grade aluminum frame and panels
    • Bolt-on/Clamp-in frame designs
    • Radius or Mitered corners
    • Adjustable Stainless Steel Hinges
    • Durable Trioving Stainless Steel Lockset
    • Standard Mill Finish

    • Options Include:
    • Stainless Steel Lock Down Dogs (max. 4)
    • Flush-Mounted Window (select from numerous glazing options with 6mm to 19mm thickness)
    • Custom Finishes (Powder coat, Anodized, Primer Only, or Custom Paint)

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