We provide FRA-approved windows and glazing solutions to suit a variety of rail applications including:

  • Passenger Rail
  • Locomotive
  • Light Rail (Street Cars, Subways)
  • Mono Rail 

You’ll find Beclawat products operating in cities throughout North America!


Calgary Montreal
Edmonton Toronto
Vancouver BC Rocky Mountains
Ottawa Via Rail Commuter Trains


Chicago Maryland
Salt Lake City Amtrak
Denver New York City
San Diego Las Vegas
Atlantic City Philadelphia
Santa Clara San Joaquin

Arrow Photo by Andre Furtado

Hinge-In Emergency Escape Cab Window

  • Non-heated window with an emergency egress function
  • Main frame mounting tabs allow for easy installation to the car body interface
  • Window assembly has a sub-window which is removeable in an emergency situation
  • Sash is hinged with a black powder coated aluminum slam latch for secure closure

Balanced Half Drop Window

  • Aluminum framed, bolt-on style window
  • Cut-out in exterior cab wall
  • Balanced vertical sliding drop sash
  • Positive cam latching device located at the top with integrated pull handle

Framed Aluminum Hopper Window

  • Flush curved bonded in fritted glass
  • One hand handle operation
  • Window in the open position will withstand the weight of 130 kg
  • SFT silicone bulb seal ensures the weather remains outside
  • Exterior SFT neoprene extruded rubber covers the mounting bolts to deter vandalism

Emergency Escape Passenger Window

  • Insulated glass units or polycarbonate installed in a black anodized frame
  • Window system is supplied with vulcanized car interface rubber and rubber locking strips, inside and out
  • Two (2) aluminum emergency handle powder coated red
  • Two (2) stainless steel handles imbedded in glass for removal
  • Rubber meets SFT requirements
  • Glass meets FRA Type II, ANSI Z26.1, AS-2

Heated Horizontal-Sliding Cab Windows

  • Cut-out for horizontal sliding sash
  • Sliding sash is hung from a top aluminum track using low friction hardware
  • Clear anodized aluminum handle squeeze latch with a stainless keeper
  • Water management and drainage to exit to the exterior of the window
  • Glass meets FRA Type II, ANSI Z26.1 and AS-3
  • Customizable black interlayer frit
  • Available with heated glass option

Heated & Curved Vertical Sliding Cab Windows

  • FRA Type II, low-profile and sleek design
  • Comes standard with heating wire technology imbedded into the laminated layers
  • Glass edging sealed
  • Silkscreen, frit, glass tint customizable
  • XiR and/or AG film optional
  • Sub-frame is bonded to inner glass surface
  • Slider frame is approximately 376 x 716 mm
  • Slider handle hardware designed to latch in multi-positions
  • Sliding sash has a removeable side track and E-Chain assembly for easy wire management
  • Exposed frame is buffed and can be custom powder-coated or anodized

Rectangular Horizontal Cab Slider

  • Sash slides into a rear pocket to provide maximum clear opening
  • Black anodized bolt-on window
  • The design has undergone pressure testing of +/- 2500 Pa and cycle testing
  • The glass is an FRA II insulated glass unit. 

Optional Solutions

  • Dust seals, reducing wind noise and rattling
  • Emergency designs for quick and easy glass removal from both the interior and exterior
  • Pre-Drilled mounting holes available for ease of installation
  • Spares Programs
  • Numerous standard and custom finishes
  • Curved glass
  • Water-management systems
  • Hanging track system to support panel weight, reducing racking and entrapment of dirt