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Beclawat Manufacturing Inc. Rides the Rails to Success in Bay of Quinte

Mar. 14, 2017

The next time you stop at a railroad crossing for a freight train (anywhere in North America) consider the connection of that locomotive’s windows to the Quinte region and their Belleville-based manufacturer, Beclawat Manufacturing Inc.
Beclawat’s long and varied history led them to arrive in Quinte in the 1970’s from the Montreal area (the company was founded in UK in 1912). The Quinte region provided an ideal location to support their growing North American and global client base.

If you’ve ridden a Via train between Toronto and Montreal, found yourself on board the Wolf Islander III in Kingston or the Toronto Rocket subway, then you’ve experienced Beclawat.

This is all the proud outcome of their partnerships, expertise, and dedicated team in Quinte.

Today, Beclawat’s City of Belleville operations include windows and doors for the marine, transit, rail and defence industries.

Canadian Manufacturer Supplies Local & International Markets, Mass Transit to Marine
“Our people’s skill and passion, combined with all that Quinte offers, allows us to be a true global competitor” - Ben Eby, Beclawat General Manager

In addition to providing windows for a diversity of Canadian projects(including Vancouver SkyTrain, Canadian Coast Guard Offshore Fisheries Science Vessels, Via Rail), Beclawat’s influence extends to North American and international projects such as Kuala Lumpur Light Rail, Denver Light Rail, Amtrak high speed passenger trains, U.S. Navy and Coast Guard vessels, locomotives for Indonesia, India and Kazakhstan.

The Bay of Quinte workforce assists Beclawat in its ability to be a global competitor. Neighbour, Loyalist College provides the local cluster of manufacturers with workers trained to meet the unique requirements of their corporate and technical teams.

“Loyalist College programs are directly relevant to the skills we need from the perspective of business, manufacturing, engineering and technology,” says Cindy Wilson, Beclawat Human Resources Manager.

Not only do Loyalist programs create graduates able to thrive in a manufacturing environment, the school’s partnership with Beclawat enables both its students and the company to experiment with job shadows and internships before committing, meaning all parties have the opportunity to find their right fit.

“Forty percent of our staff are Loyalist College graduates, who help us provide the professional quality, durability, design and supply Beclawat is internationally known for, ” Wilson says. As valued members of the organization, they help Beclawat put the customer first and to always be positioned for further development - as does the Bay of Quinte. In return, the local labor force receives competitive compensation and can look forward to a long tenure at Beclawat.